Stuart Fraser - Pastor

As a pastor my greatest commitment is to seeing people grow in Christ-likeness, through the careful teaching of the Bible (Col 1:28). I currently serve as the pastor/teacher of First Baptist Church of Auburn. I am simply an average person, who has been called by God to the unique and thrilling privilege of teaching and leading His people. Together with our Elders I help to direct a staff of committed leaders whose desire is to, “Equip God’s Family to Share the Hope of Jesus.” This is our church’s mission statement, and also my personal goal. I have been married to my beautiful wife Melanie since 1999 and together we have three wonderful children – Alayna, Savannah, and Luke. Our family is one of the greatest sources of joy in my life, beyond my walk with Jesus Christ. If I wasn’t employed at a church full-time doing ministry, I would still be fully invested in a church somewhere because I am so strongly drawn to serving and loving God’s people; I don’t think I would be able to stay away. Thankfully, God has blessed me with the great privilege of being paid to serve those I am so passionately drawn to – His people. It is such an honor to be used by God to bring spiritual change to the lives of His children, and to share the life changing message of the Gospel with a lost world! My hope is that you would be convinced of this truth too and find a place to serve God beside us at First Baptist Church of Auburn.

Roby Bacsi - Worship Leader


     My Amazing wife Kristi, our sweetheart Ella, and I are pleased and excited to join FBC in reaching our community for the Kingdom of Christ. We moved into the Auburn area in 2011 soon after we were married and love to build relationships with those around us by getting out in nature or around good food of which Auburn has both! Kristi and I have a heart for both our Christ family and for those that need to be adopted into it.

     Discovering my gifting of musical ability at a very young age and with the guidance of my parents and great mentors, I have always wanted to share the joy, comfort, and challenge that music brings to everyone around me in a way that glorifies our Lord and Savior. I believe that a congregation comes together to edify, build, love, and support God and each other. Music is a piece of that collective goal. Our whole time together is an act of worship just as our lives, individually, every day, are acts of worship. God gave us music because it is POWERFUL! Like prayer, we are communicating directly to our Heavenly Father and Creator through music. Because of that fact, the message of a song is the most important part of music, and when we lift up that message to our Savior with one voice together, I would venture to say there may be nothing as magnificent! You may be in a place of a lot of joy, a place of needing guidance, or a place of pain. Through Hymns, Choruses, and Contemporary styles of music, the Worship ministry at FBC strives to carve out a little time where you can surrender all of your life to him.

Christian Penaloza - Youth Director

I believe as youth pastor of First Baptist Church of Auburn one of my roles in the lives of students comes from equipping them with God’s word to not only live it out, but to also share it with the world. Being a teenager today is harder than ever with so many things pulling for their attention it is hard to discern what is a priority or what is even truth. My desire for the youth is not just preach at them what to do, but for them to earnestly look at God’s word and consider how their lives match up with what Scripture is calling them to do. As a youth pastor my heart’s desire is to invest in students lives even after they graduate high school, I want to provide a safe and fun environment for students to come week in and week out to fellowship with other believers, worship our savior, and learn through the study of God’s word.

Christian is from the Los Angeles area and currently resides in Auburn; he is in his mid twenties and a graduate from The Masters College where he obtained a Bachelors degree in Biblical Counseling. Christian has served as a youth leader for over five years and couldn’t see himself doing anything else. In his spare time he enjoys singing as well as playing the guitar, keyboard, drums, and ukulele.


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